Last week, as most of you know, we paid the $4,000 fee for the gas company to turn our gas back on.  Unfortunately, things aren’t yet moving.  We’re at the mercy of the gas company, they are state owned.

Things are not looking good so far as they told us we’d have to wait up to a month just for another document – that means it could be well into the snowy winter before they turn the gas back on.  This is discouraging news, as they promised us (before we gave the payment) that we could have gas back on within one month.

Please pray for the director, the gas company and those that are unnecessarily holding us up.  We only ask for what is right, just, and proper.  We’ve paid a lot of money for this to be activated (not just us, but many of you that have given), but nothing comes easy over here in the former Soviet Union!


On a good note, we received our syrups today for the cafe.  Dema did a great job finding and ordering 8 amazing new flavors for our specialty coffees.  We may not have heat, but we have some new delicious cappuccinos!

One more matter of prayer.  I bought a 2006 Land Rover last weekend at the market.  We were able to sell our Land Cruiser in Texas last week (thank you April!).   Although I took the vehicle to a mechanic to look over/test prior buying, we were sold a truck in need of a lot more repairs than anticipated.  Please pray for wisdom as we determine whether to sell and start again, or move ahead with some costly repairs.   I’m leaning towards selling, but snow is coming so not much time.  If only folks told the truth!

Reminders of why we are here.  Jesus is the Truth that sets hearts free and renews.  This country doesn’t need more outward laws, it needs a inner spiritual revolution!  God bring an awakening of sins curse and the cure that is found through faith in Jesus.