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Friday, July 22, 2011

George, member of BrickThink from NYC tops off our temporary water supply for construction.

We’ve had a great start to the small team from NYC.  5 members of BrickThink, a construction missions ministry have come over to expedite work on the Cafe.  The group has been serving with our Ukrainian team of 5, making for a very busy work-site.

I’ve enjoyed watching folks from the bus station across the street stare in wonder at what is actually going on inside that big white building.  Vehicles pulling in and out, materials unloading, strange foreigners with white t-shirts walking around the property.. I’d love to know what they are thinking… I’m trying to spread the news about the coming cafe at every opportunity, people are starting to respond with, ‘yes we’ve heard!’

The City water was shut off all week, so we had to get creative

Lighthouse Center & Cafe Street View

Tom and Vlad getting ready to build stairs

Monday, Lord willing the Mayor is supposed to stop by and visit the team.  We’re planning to feed him lunch and hopefully have some time to share the heart (again) for the cafe.  The town won’t really understand (at least not naturally) why we are doing this and why there isn’t profitable alcohol sold at the cafe, but we pray God will touch their hearts each and every time we share our vision for the property.  We are currently enjoying favor with our local officials, we don’t take this for granted!

Vlad posing for us in the newly tiled bathrooms (great job!)

This weekend we plan to give the team the service time to share both through music and testimony. We’re very blessed to have them here this week and I know they are already having a positive influence on some new believers, and a few that aren’t yet.  God is so much bigger than our little town, the family ofGod is massive and these little trips encourage in seen and unseen ways.  Please continue to pray for their safety, and unity for the remainder of the week, they leave next Thursday morning.

Mommies little monster

Deb, Neil, Shane, and Lena (our new cooking helper) have been providing meals, sharing the load.  This weekend we plan to take them out on the Dnepr for a short tour and to Kiev after church to see Kiev. Pretty much everything else in our life has come to a standstill, from Texas work and family life, but it’s a lot of fun and great to meet new friends that share our love for God.

Sergei and Lesya are back, haven’t seen them yet but I heard they arrived safely last night.  It should be quite a time together this Sunday in our little 2nd floor of Dan’s house.  By the way, some have asked specifically for an update on Dan.

He has been doing great since his last stroke.  The doctors could not however find any reason for the stroke, and although he’s had 2 in two years, they told him basically to keep on living, and he is taking some medication.  They are comfortable with the situation, having visit a number of doctors, including foreign (good hospitals in Kiev) and Dan is very active water skiing and building.

Thanks for stopping in, we’ll try and post some more pics soon:)

Bruce & Deb

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  1. dorothy crowe

    Wow,is that the same cafe we seen this winter.Looking good.Love to know what those New York guys do for a living.

    Love Dad

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