First week of YFM – orientation and began course on Character & Nature of God.

Our two oldest, Broderic and Bronwyn. Kind of strange having them in class, but very thankful for their unique personalities and desire for God.

We’ve all settled into our new homes, apartments, dorms.  We’re scattered around the city a bit, but it’s all working out well.  It’s a beautiful area, very organized road system – each morning I’m amazed at the amount of traffic that moves along in a quite timely fashion.  It’s quite different than the chaos I’m used to.

We’re enjoying the Russian language and feel this is a tremendous opportunity to expand our learning.

We are keeping this blog very generic for the next 3 months, just with some photos and more cultural things that we’re learning.  If you are interested in our business and ministry in Belarus, we have an email newsletter that we’d love for you to receive.  Simply contact me if you don’t already get it.

Bruce & Deb