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First Concert on the Deck


Last week I complained about Pepsi ignoring our plea.. well someone out there pulled some strings and we received one huge tent and 20 chairs for our deck – the tables haven’t come yet, but we’re thankful for the huge blue colorful tent that penetrates the bland cement scenery of our main street.

So we hosted our first little outdoor concert.  It was low key, Mike and Liz (mostly Liz) sang several folky/theme songs while some guests played cards and hung out on the deck.  The local Taxi drivers across the street found it interesting I’m sure.  I believe we are the first Cafe in town to do anything like this – the whole ‘chill and listen to music’ vibe is going to take a while to cultivate – but I believe the town will embrace it once we build some momentum.

As soon as we started playing music from the system during setup, a drunk fellow migrated to our steps and I thought, “Oh Lord maybe this isn’t such a great idea”.. the only place loud music plays is in a few bars in town – but thankfully the evening was incident free.  Whenever young girls hang out somewhere, it’s sure to attract some hoodlems – pray for us that we continue to provide a ‘safe’ place for these ladies in particular, and use proper wisdom as we encounter more of the deep rooted cultural problems like alcoholism.

This weekend we’re going to Kiev with the team to do some outreach / evangelism in a popular park downtown.  Then Sunday morning we’re leading the service at Christian Life Church – where our family has been attending the past year.  We really love the atmosphere and families at this church, such a wide range of ages and I know this team will bless them greatly.  I’ll be sharing as well so pray for us!


Although the workshops are officially over, some of the team continues to provide some one-one lessons.  I’m thrilled at the level of personal engagement.  The coolest thing to hear is that the kids feel comfortable at the Cafe, and able to be themselves.  The students have been extremely respectful and thankful.

Please pray for a few things would you?

– Claire’s residency: we’re off to the hospital tomorrow to hopefully make progress with her documents needed.  It’s a hit/miss thing usually as you all know if you’ve followed our story.  The doctors can provide you what you need (bill of health) or decide a battery of tests are required.   We need this to travel as a family outside of Ukraine and get Russian visas.

– Deb/Claire/Bron: they will be traveling end of June to Colorad0 for Heather’s (deb’s sister) wedding.

– The Cafe:  we need to revamp some of our menu/prices in order to sustain through the summer months.  We have more staff and although our electricity bills will be much less, we need wisdom, creativity and blessing from God to continue offering this place to the community.  It’s such a difficult time right now for so many in Ukraine – amazing opportunity to reach students and families with the love of God, terrible if you are trying to run a new and very unique business.   Pray we can find some good cones!!!!   Oh we also would LOVE to buy an ice machine.. those are about $500 and would really be quite something for these summer months.

– Russian Language.  Need I say more?  Please pray for opportunities and grace to continue this and for fall possible travel.


Bruce & Deb

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  1. tim schwab

    The deck looks great with the Pepsi tent.Keep up the wonderful effort there in your town.

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