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Fire Away


Brent looks on from the newly assembled trampoline in our backyard. 

We’re still learning.  This weekend we came home from church only to see a wall of fire raging toward our house.  It stretched across our entire yard, and had leapt the fence into the neighbors.   Spring is ‘in the air’ and everyone (except us) have been burning the weeds/grass from their gardens and yards… All around town you’ll see smoldering billows of puff and yards that look like they’ve been bombed.. charcoal crusty remains.  The aggressive wind had taken over someones little fire north of us, and it was a bit out of control!  I was glad that our house was made of concrete and brick… and that Broderic heroically, and quite successfully mashed the fire out with a big shovel along our property line.  Eventually some other guys came and helped regulate and direct the flames… they were probably in control of this the entire time, but it got our hearts racing and kids excited nonetheless. 


[Boah, Nobey, Doah, Noahnator, Noah is lovin’ the jump]

This weekend marked the end, I think, of winter, or at least snow.  We celebrated by opening windows, exiting as a family from our winter slumber, and unpacking the children’s most prized possession from Texas… the trampoline.  It’s amazing to think it’s been a year since the kids jumped on it.  We assembled it back together, and unleashed the fury of our kids pent up exuberance.  I’m starting to sound like Cassie, or maybe just tired of talking in ‘basic’ english in order to be understood by our Ukrainian friends who speak a bit of english.  The neighborhood kids have already been over to watch, they’ve never seen anything like it, and in tandem refused to try it… maybe later.. Do they have liability forms/waivers here?  I suspect, though not willing to investigate, that I’m not even allowed to have this kind of contraption without a permit.  So far, no broken bones, check back in a few months.


[Peter, the Ukrainian Baptist pastor, he led us in song.. Polka style baby]

We’ve continued to meet (now three times) with the local ministry leaders.  It’s been good, however this last time we saw the beginnings of certain personalities projecting (or trying to) their particular vision for ‘how’ things should move forward.  Pray for us would you?  We are meeting, as our first public ‘event’ in two weeks at one of the other church gatherings, for the first time, Lord willing, all the believers in this town will gather together for a time of prayer, worship and the word.  We’ll keep you posted and get some pictures, I’m pretty excited how this will build the faith of us all as we, young and old, baptist/pentecostal/independent unify around the God that we serve and emphasize the essentials.  God be glorified in this.

On April 5, next Sunday, at 4pm, Bridge 281 (coffee shop at Crossroads in Longview), ‘all interested’ meeting for the upcoming July 2-9 Outreach here in Rzshychiv, Ukraine.  Please contact Art Bradshaw if you can’t make it, but would still like to learn more about joining this trip.  His email is .

This weekend Deb and I are off to Krakow, Poland for new visas.  We’re leaving the kids with Cassie and the Gollans, please pray for them (Cassie and the Gollans) that they survive until we get back… Oh, and also that we would get our visas and back into Ukraine safely would be helpful, always nervous leaving the kids, especially together.

Thanks for checking in-

Bruce & Deb


  1. Connie

    Wow, Bruce, you really are sounding like Cassie! We’ll pray for y’all. Thanks for updating.

  2. Lorrie

    Way to go Broderic, that was pretty brave of you to help put out the fire with a shovel 🙂 Ed and I can’t believe how time flies, your boys are really growing up fast.

  3. nana

    brent looks like a under control kinda guy standing there, noah looks like seth, sure miss them guys 🙁 (and you!)

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