As we start to focus our attention on the Russian & Ukrainian speaking world for our new missions program this fall, I’m believing God, asking Him for a few more English speaking students.

I’ve begun experimenting with Instagram and Facebook promotion tools.  It lets you target ages and areas of user interest like “Jesus” and “Short-Term Missions” – I’m doing a 1 week small budget test.

Join with me in prayer as we cast these nets – we need to tell our story – if more young hearts knew of the opportunity and the school this fall, I think we’d have a deluge of applicants.  I know they are out there – thus the idea for the video above.  Outside of Minsk, nobody knows about the college or this new program.

Yet, with any of our efforts, it’s ultimately God who draws the heart and even divinely connects us on our journey.  He guided me to Christ for the Nations in Dallas as a 17yr old in a remote Canadian country town. It was a magazine that caught my attention at that time on the floor bed of a friends car – and like that magazine, I’m praying God uses our social media efforts to connect us to even one or two more hearts for this journey in the fall.

Pray with us, and for those hearts out there responding to His call, and saying “Yes” to Jesus.

We ultimately pray and entrust both the course and the students that will come to Jesus.

Brent did a good job with the voice over on the video!  Took us so many takes, he is such a funny dude.

Bruce & Deb