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Over the past year in Ukraine, the currency has lost 50% of it’s value.  Reading a report this morning from a cozy warm house in Canada, sites over 120 restaurants in Kiev have closed recently as the value of the Ukrainian currency forces prices to increase and folks to stay at home.

While our Cafe in Ukraine this past week remains busy, it’s a reminder just how difficult it will be to keep the business viable without outside support.  Folks do not have what we in the west would call ‘discretionary income’… it’s virtually non-existent.  We want the Cafe to be a blessing – yet we need to be sustainable and pay our bills.   We pray, we trust the Lord to provide wisdom, and resources to keep shining.

It usually takes 4-5 days too fully adjust to the time zone after travel from Ukraine to North America.  The rule of thumb is a full day for every time zone hour difference.  On day two, my heart woke up thanking God for what He’s done this year – increased ‘time’ to focus on the Cafe, my family, and what God is doing in Eastern Europe.

I had a nice chat with my daughter yesterday on a mini-date.   We marveled how vastly ‘different’ life is over here in Canada as we drove on the smooth orderly roads and looked upon the endless amount of shops lining the streets.

God is the great orchestrator.  He sees and feels the need upon His creation.  A stringed section is determined to swoop in and play, so He sends out a call upon the human heart.  Some hear the call to rosin their bow.  It’s a response of faith, to step out on the water, to surrender to an unseen work.  It takes us to unfamiliar places, sometimes changes our zip codes.

We believe God is working in Eastern Europe.  Shaking nations, opening doors.  Doors that lead into darkness, awaiting the Light of the Nations to bring truth, hope, and purpose.  It’s not about a Cafe for us.  It’s about faith, and obeying by the grace of God to play the notes on our sheet – and trust Him for the outcome.  He sees all, knows all.  Like Noah God calls us to build boats, swing hammers, even if we don’t understand what is fully ahead.  We are just one instrument, but we belong to a massive heaven inspired orchestra.

I don’t subscribe to a ‘last days revival’ in the context of biblical prophecy, but I do believe God is continually searching, looking for those that He can use in His great theater.  His Kingdom is moving, like Aslan.  It’s never defeated, nor stagnant.  God’s people are gathering in Ukraine and Russia, there is a sound beginning to anthem.  It’s been played before, through every generation.   Praying for this coming year – for more to hear the sound, to join in prayer towards the chorus – that many will hear, and put their trust in His name.

We feel the economic pressures in Ukraine, and the fractured relationship with it’s big brother to the East.  We too feel the music of God, the gospel longing to burst forward in this part of the land.  I suspect if you live in Canada, the US, or wherever you might be reading, if you are His child, you too hear it – The earth the Lords!

Bruce & Deborah
Missionaries – Eastern Europe

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  1. tim schwab

    if you can get over jet lag in 4-5 days you are very good! I always enjoy your posts about the work you are doing in Ukraine. I was there in Nov for 2weeks and the unstable currency is really rough on restaurants that print up the menu with prices a year ahead. Merry Christmas to you and yours on this day of celebrating the holy christ childs birth

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