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Feb 20, 2011

Thank you Crossroads youth for the package you sent!  We received a warm blanket (see pose below!) and a stack of personalized prayer cards.   It was VERY special to get that package and to know we have been prayed for by all you guys!  Thank you from all of us!

Thank you Crossroads youth for your love, prayers, and this blanket!

It’s been pretty chilly the past few weeks. We decided it was time to break out the skates and finally get on the river. Below are some shots from this weekend, it’s a pretty big river, it would take me probably 10 minutes to skate across it (if I were in shape).

We even had Clark and Noah lace them up.  Noah didn’t last long, he decided to lay down and eat the snow, face first.  It takes about 30 minutes to tie everyone’s skates, by the time I got mine on, the little ones were frozen:)  It was fun to get some exercise and be among some Ukrainians in their element.  After about 10 minutes more people joined us, then the next day we went out, and 3-4 people were there already, in our spot… let’s go Rz!  Their skates were from the 50’s, literally they are the kind of skates my dad had, but they work:)

Ladies had their Asian outreach (asian theme, no asians in RZ), they had about 25-30 total there, and a handful of visitors that seemed to really enjoy the fun.  Shane did a faux-cooking show, with live video and everything.  It was a lot of work, and the ladies really pulled it off.  Now to pray for those seeds that were planted to grow!

Bron (she's getting so tall!), Brent and Tucker pose while Broderic takes the pic. Noah and Clark in the truck getting warm:)

Ice fisherman ministry.. actually they were too far out there and I got nervous, hey I weigh a lot!

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  1. Cassie

    Awesome pictures…it’s so good to see all this! Be careful with Masha if she goes skating…we know what can happen with that girl…

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