Been a busy week with family from Canada in town.  Wonderful to speak full english (canadian accents and all) and be with my parents, Uncle and Aunt.. and cousin.  They’ve had a good time taking in the culture and understanding our world a bit more over here.

This week we’re finishing up our deck railings (parents are extra happy about that, it’s 15ft high off the ground), visiting some of our local friends we’ve made (police/mayor/principal of school), and we also delivered some knitted slippers (thank you Aunt Annette!) to two orphanages, along with some vitamins from the Texas group.

Pray for:

Cheryl’s Apartment to be ready for Simeon and Asia returning on the 12th, it’s getting there!
Marriage Conference possibly hosting one for region in the Spring with some other churches.
Continued relationships in the town
Our language skills to improve (and the motivation/discipline to improve them)
Outreach (marriage, college, so many areas here to focus on, God’s direction needed)
Leadership here in RZ,  for God to continue to develop the young church and those serving in it.
Safe travels for everyone leaving on Tuesday, and for a few of us going to Poland this weekend.

Tucker and the beautiful Deb.


Organizing the slippers before delivering to the orphanages.

Blessings to all our friends and family!

bruce & deb