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Family Update

The temperatures have dropped significantly over the past week. The accumulation of fluffy snow finally became ‘packable’ and with that the kids were in full building mode in the backyard. The ice covered roads are slowly becoming rafting rivers of mush. While spring isn’t quite yet in the air, the harsh past month has lifted and Ukrainians are coming out of their houses, and so are we! Yesterday we took the family downtown for a little walk and a quick stop at our park outside the police station.  We don’t have much in the way of things to do in our town, but just being able to get some fresh air, the kind that doesn’t hurt when you breath it, was wonderful.

This is how we roll.. downtown RZ

It’s been a challenging re-entry for our family.  We’ve had continued issues with our residence application, Texas work problems and other consecutive hurdles since arriving.  There’s been a definite spiritual aspect to the struggles, we’ve been pressing into more prayer and hungering for God to reveal Himself in our lives more clearly (inside our hearts or out).  We love being here in Ukraine, and we love our friends and church family, but it’s been difficult to get our heads above water and feel anything but overwhelmed.  We sense and appreciate prayer support for our family, this is a season of trial for us.

The Cafe kitchen is coming along.  We have been tiling the walls and finalizing the equipment order through a business in Kiev.  Tom’s been helping facilitate the order.  Ukrainian businesses sure don’t make it easy giving them money!

We have had 2 Bible studies together since returning on Wed nights, it’s been great to study together again.  Last week we had over 20 adults.  It’s always encouraging to see people walk through snow and cold to be with believers for an evening around God’s Word.

If you haven’t joined Vlad’s facebook support page, please do so.  I just updated it – click here and click to join.

Three snow forts - soon to wage war

This week please pray for wisdom as we attempt to progress our residency permit.  We were told last week that because it took (THEM) over 6 months to submit our application (TO THEMSELVES) I now have to re-do all my medical tests.  This could take weeks to get them all back, not to mention extra expense.  It’s so frustrating, we did everything right, by the law, then they sat on the documents and now punish us for their ineptitude.  God please give us endurance…  It’s things like this that really try your faith.

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  1. dorothy crowe

    you sound so discouraged but something beautiful is about to come into your life, think on that! i am. love to see the rosey cheeks on my grandkids, they look very happy, what a great job you are doing…

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