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Family Update – Spring 2012

Trampoline time again - Limit exception for photo only!

We’re just now entering our 5th year here in Ukraine.  Deb and I were looking at photos of the kids when we first moved over.  “How time flies” seems to hit home with more force when you realize how much your own kids have grown.  Little chubby faces have turned to teenagers, and the little toddlers can now carry conversations.  The only ones that haven’t changed are the parents, or so we think.

Doing life.  I think we need to be careful of vision and planning, at least on a personal level.  I’ve been laying down future hopes and dreams, even the ones that I think God might have given me.  If we’re not careful, we become focused on the future to the extent that we’re no longer living for God today.  Anyone can plan to give their time and love tomorrow.  It’s today that matters most to God.

Spring has arrived in full bloom - this is one of our apple trees

I appreciate that about the Ukrainian culture, they live for today, and perhaps it’s rubbed off on us.   I’m thankful it has.  I have new peace that whatever God does desire to do in the future, will find its fulfillment through more focus on today.

Deb sure loves this baby girl Abigail, who is now 6 weeks old.  Abbey has a special glimmer in her eyes for her mom.  There will be no lack of affection in Abbey’s life, she is routinely kissed by her brothers and generally adored throughout the day.  Something about knowing it’s your last, you want to enjoy the little things.

Abbey in her 2nd month already - Stop the train!

I plan to visit Texas this summer for work with Cypress and visit our church family at Crossroads.  We are at a stopping point on the Cafe, it’s looking great, and should be ready for the Fall if documents come through, and some remaining finances to finish.

Life is a series of events.  My deep thought for the month. We don’t always know what events will come, or even how we will react to them.

We can however enjoy the many blessings of knowing Jesus Christ daily, and surrender to His work in our life along the way.   I pray that you find rest in that too!

We’re praying as a church leadership about moving the Sunday gathering downtown for the fall.  Everyone seems excited for change, and ready for the many challenges this will present our small group.

The Bible study (Gospel of John) I’ve been leading in our home each Wednesday is about to finish.  It’s been personally challenging to weekly study/read, verse by verse is a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I think the next book will be a bit shorter, maybe Jude!  The more we learn the more we realize we have more to learn.  I’m amazed at the wisdom and charity of God in the person of Jesus Christ.  The closer you step towards the heart of the gospel, it seems to be more vast, and less specific.  Try as we might to make ultimate sense of it and we are left helpless to grasp why, and how our Creator would stoop and suffer for us undeserving.  We will never tire of this wonder, in this life or the next!  We are loved folks, with an everlasting love.

Catching Bronwyn doing some school at the kitchen table. It's hard to believe she's still only 13!

The kids are progressing in their schooling, albeit slowly.  Broderic and Brownyn are starting to realize that time is also moving in their lives, and in only a few short years they will be making life choices.  We’re proud of their character and kindness.

Super-Mom playing puzzle games with the two monkeys.

Since Abigail was born we’ve had a few visitors, my parents, then Deb’s mom for 3 weeks helping.  We’ve had some unbelievable meals prepared as well from our friends here.  We are not a small group to feed either, so we are extremely grateful for that.

Heading out to Poland next week to get new Visas.  Taking Broderic with me.

Thanks for checking in –

Bruce & Deb

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  1. lorrie

    have you lost weight bruce? that pic of you looks like broderic 🙂 i explained to isabelle how she’s my last baby the other day, and she says when I tucked her in last night, “I”m your last baby mommy”…she knows she’s special like Abbey 🙂

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