Settling into the autumn weather in Cluj, Romania. We’re navigating some changes as a family, our roles, future. It’s been a much needed season of prayer, listening, processing together.

We feel God at work, and sense the invitation to trust (see my blog below about ‘Surrendering Outcomes”). We’re settled here in Romania through December, then will fly back to the US to visit friends and family for Christmas. After that? We’re not entirely sure, but leaning towards coming back for 2023 to Romania. Our lives are literally spread out in 3 countries.

We are planning a retreat in Western Ukraine in October with friends and staff at Lighthouse. It will be the first time we’re all together since the war began. We’re also hosting quite a few guests in the next month.Waiting on documents for the family so we can leave and come back in to Romania. Living as permanent residents in Ukraine has been so nice all these years, back to being ‘short term’ missionaries is a lot of extra work, you spend a couple months per year just trying to logistically stay legally.

I’m going to try and get back to personally blogging, and feel a joy to start focusing on our family and less on the charity we’ve been overseeing the past few years. I’ve gotten a little lost in the mechanics of running a charity, especially during the war, it’s been intense. Stepping back into the focus of a missionary feels a little strange, and scary. God keeps calling us out of boats, the invitation to walk on water continues for all who dare follow Him 🙂

Family is healthy, we really miss our kids in the US and Byron our grandson.

I thought this was a funny sight. In Ukraine, we also have a walnut tree. Noah and the girls collected them in our yard here in Cluj, and were dividing them up and making a game. Noah is a game master, is is constantly creating games and giving us all instructions.
Claire brings us all joy, and keeps us young (on the inside at least!)

Romanians love hammocks! They are found in the parks, and yes, in living rooms!

I read this the other day. Israel was living in captivity, and it must have been really hard to not get caught up in the local politics, and conspiracies. It was an encouragement to keep our fears located in the right places!
We love having guests come through Cluj. This was our hope when we settled hear, next to the Ukrainian border (3hrs away). Olya our dearest spiritual daughter, now living in Spain and just graduated as a flight attendant! So proud of her.. from Lighthouse pizza cook to the skies!

In the coming months we hope to be sharing more about the direction and ministry focus of our family. Until then, we covet your prayers greatly.

Thank you friends and family! – Bruce & Deb