Our custom lighthouse slide, without the slide.. our kids are loving climbing on it but the park is not yet open to public.

Our custom lighthouse slide, without the slide.. our kids are loving climbing on it but the park is not yet open to public.

The cold weather has swept in along with rainy overcast clouds.  Leaves are turning quickly preparing for their final glorious declaration.  Winter is coming, get ready or suffer the consequences!

Yesterday we had a full return of students for music practice on the 2nd Floor of the Cafe.   Several drummers, guitarist and aspiring ‘hey I’ll try anything’ students hanging out and making a lot of noise.  In the end, we managed to play something pretty cool together – it was a special moment and sign of potential this semester!

This past Wednesday we met for the first time in our normal 180 format.  We had a nice turnout of new folks and a few of the regulars.  The schools here are so random, sending some students off to work without warning – so we rarely have the same crew.  I was able to spent 30 minutes on the nature of sin, our brokenness and need for a Savior.  For many, I think it was their first time hearing about God’s redemptive work – why Jesus came.

We are focused this year to pray more for the students, for God’s spirit to awaken the inner dead, sleeping spirit of man:

“Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”  Eph 4:13

The longer I walk with Jesus, the more I become aware of His work in the journey that is salvation.  He draws, He opens the heart and prepares it for moments of revelation.  We must be faithful to pray, and join Him in this effort, however all we can really do is elevate Jesus and the love of God through His death and resurrection.

Our town gathers to celebrate it's birthday - they say it's +860yrs old but I have a hard time verifying these sources, but it's still very old!

Our town gathers to celebrate it’s birthday – they say it’s +860yrs old but I have a hard time verifying these sources, but it’s still very old!

We, or rather God doesn’t need more mentally convinced followers, we need passionate undone soldiers who have been moved to total surrender both in mind and spirit.  This salvation thing is a spiritual and mysterious work isn’t it?

We need Him to carry the words of the Gospel deep into the recesses of the dark heart and whisper, “Lazarus.. come forth!”  Without it, we’re trying to make a leopard simply change it’s spots – the leopard needs to be come a sheep, he needs divine renewal, a new heart, to be born again.  God teach us to wholly lean on Jesus power, boldly proclaiming Him as the rightful King of every human heart!


Just returned from driving a bunch of kids to the Pentecostal church here for a kids event.  There were +200 kids crammed into their new building – it was something to behold.  Only 20yrs ago, or even 10, something like this would be unheard of (to be allowed to gather in a ‘sect’ non-orthodox government controlled church – hundreds of little hearts hearing about Jesus and eternal life.   My kids were in there as well, oblivious to the emerging change taking place in the hearts of this generation.

We are planning a worship evening this Sunday night and have heard of several different groups planning to come.  Our planned worship leader is very sick, and now we pray for direction!  We’ve been meeting each morning for prayer and believing God to continue fanning the flame of passion and opening hearts for the gospel.  Please pray with us!

We have some new staff to introduce you to soon!  Also a new website about to be launched for the Cafe and various ministries.  I’m excited to be able to communicate more effectively, although we’ll continue to blog here –

Thank you for your support guys!

Bruce & Deb