Drunk man on park bench at noon the other day.

The other day I walked by an man half asleep, mostly drunk (above). The image, for me, was a stark contrast to gorgeous autumn day. It’s still very common to find men stumbling through the day here. My heart always sinks. What lies, what loss.

Who intends to waste the most precious gift of life? There is a temptation I think to always begin wasting our lives at any time during our journey through life.

I wonder if it begins when we believe that our present is somehow detached from our future. That our actions today won’t effect our lives tomorrow.

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”  Annie Dillard

Like you, our family is evolving. Two oldest flew the coup this past year, our little girls Abbey and Claire (above) in Ukrainian school. Deb is stepping into a new season of expectation, exploring her own unique gifts. I am learning how to ‘let go’ and lead in ways that are difficult for me.

The Holy Spirit is showing us our role in spiritual formation. To grow in ‘purposeful interaction with the grace of God’ – Willard. We’re finding some new healthy rhythms, including Sabbath soul rest, and more intentional vulnerability with one another daily. We’re enjoying the results! The more we live presently, in the ‘now’, the less fear we possess regarding the future. If we don’t waste our days, we can be sure our lives will count.