minskguysWe just returned from Northern Ukraine (outside Chernigiv).  Our friends from Minsk drove 6hrs (plus 3.5hrs at border) one way to meet us for a morning of prayer and discussion.   We only had to drive 3.5hrs.  It was great to see them without needing to get visas and go all the way to Minsk.

We have a lot to think about.  Many ideas, and desires that center around increasing worship around the city, in particular for under 30’s.  The spiritual and political landscape is not easy in Belarus.  Many systems of control, which have caused several gridlocks for public expression and a lot of insecurity/control issues within local churches.

It will not be an easy task.  We will need the Lord’s wisdom and blessing to open doors and connect us with others that share the same passion to see God’s Kingdom grow in Belarus.  More worship, in more places.   We’ve all witnessed and experienced a hunger in Belarus, a huge need that the traditional church seems either unwilling or ignorant towards.

Deb and I really like these young men – gifted, humble and ready to use their musical talents to engage their culture with the gospel.

More coming soon!