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Dan turns 40 – on stranger tides

This weekend Dan’s wife Priscilla threw a surprise party, inviting friends from all around to join in the festivities.  One rule, you had to come dressed as a pirate.

We continue to lift up our brother in Christ, Vlad. This week we hope to hear news of a plan from his lawyer, and that the appeal documents have been filed. We have lined up a second lawyer from Kiev to review the case, however we’re at the mercy of the families current lawyer (who isn’t exactly open at the moment to listening to anyone else).

This week we are attending an Industry Trade Show for Restaurants and Cafes. It’s a 3 day event and we’re told will have everything from decor to food and beverage distributors. Shane & Jemimah, Alyosha & Oxana, and Deb & I will be going and look forward to gathering necessary ‘next step’ items and costs for operation.

Deb is really showing, she’s about 20 weeks now, half way there (i think!). She has another doctor’s appt this week as well. They are doing an ultra sound on HER (as in Deb’s) organs, standard issues procedure I guess over here.

We’ve had a few people ask how Noah is doing, and the answer is GREAT! He has a little bald spot on the back of his head, and a couple tiny scars but been 100% for several week now. We are supposed to take him in for one more visit before we fly out to Canada end of this month. We will be going to Canada for Christmas and also Texas to visit our church family, the first time we’ve all been back to Texas since we left, we’re really looking forward to it!

Tomorrow we are officially starting the heated floors, turning on the new furnace and going to test our heating system in the cafe. Temps are dropping every week, and in a week or two will be below freezing and we’re anticipating snow soon.. so best to get this Cafe warm now!!

Bruce & Deb

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  1. dorothy crowe

    Corn Harvest in full mode here,will be great to have your family here at the end of Nov.
    Ukraine Resturant and Cafe Show made me laugh.
    Love Dad

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