Feeling Disconnected?

In Paul’s first chapter to the Romans, he writes, “I am longing to see you so that I may share with you some spiritual gift to strengthen you – or rather, so that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.”

Our world is changing rapidly. Some missiologists liken the present to the age of discovery (15-17th Century) when much of our unknown world became known. When significant cultural shifts occur within a short period of time, we can loose our moorings. Our mental models that served us seemingly well, are uprooted and a sense of anxiety creeps into social systems.

During the age of exploration, fear gripped nations. Read the history! Instead of celebrating new opportunities, folks hunkered down in sometimes fierce opposition to change.

I think most would agree that with all our connectivity, the world is feeling quite disconnected

The Piri Reisk world map dated around 1513 was a popular map. Within 50 years, our world was revealed to be quite different.
As believers, we can take comfort in history. We’ve traversed highly anxious periods of change before. The challenge, it seems, is to remain meaningfully connected in the world Jesus loves, rejecting the lure to hunker down and isolate. As comfortable as isolation can feel at times, it represents a failed opportunity to be the preserving salt of the Gospel for our generation.

The Spirit is always at work in the world Jesus loves. Our invitation is to participate in these new places and spaces.

Our world is shrinking, our cultures are synthesizing, cross pollinating. Wars, refugees, immigration, combined with ease of travel and connectivity, our world is changing before our eyes. How can we become and remain connected to the global body of Christ in this hour? If we’re not intentional about entering the lives of the global body of Christ, our perspectives will be unwittingly shaped by our immediately surrounding sub-culture.
Our call, I believe, is to become effective global believers, united not by flags alone, but by the unifying blood of the Eternal Son.
Paul understood this. He was eager to come and share his teaching and testimony to the Roman Jewish and Gentile believers. Yet, his posture was to learn and be encouraged by the faith of diverse friends. Paul understood the vision of heaven; a united creation, from every tribe, people and language (Rev 7:9) and the reality of experiencing it here, and now, on earth as it is in heaven.

Those of you that know us, a constant theme of discussion and exploration has been how we can adapt and be the church for our generation. This is what gave birth to Lighthouse in Ukraine, and now we find ourselves in Romania, among locals and refugees asking the same question.

Maybe you are also eager to explore new ways to connect, to encourage, and be encouraged?

I’d like to invite you to connect with us, our leadership team and Ukrainian staff, we are meeting on the last Saturday of each month. It’s informal, intercultural, translated, one way you can remain connected to the global body of Christ in this disconnected world.

We Invite You!

Saturday, June 25th
10:00am MDT (Colorado Springs)
11:00am CDT (Dallas)
12:00pm EDT (Toronto)
7:00pm EEST (Ukraine + Romania) Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88686806253
*English & Ukrainian Translation