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Coffee Night

IMG_2140It’s amazing how the coffee ‘scene’ has become a global phenomenon.  I suppose it’s not that revolutionary.  Humans are social creatures, we need interaction. Bars and Pubs of various sort have been around for centuries.  Perhaps the coffee shop is simply a more sanctified version of that? In any case, it sure is a perfect venue to build relationships and we’re very thankful!

Last night we hosted a private ‘Coffee Tasting’ evening for most loyal customers and a handful of selected folks we are building relationships with in our town.   A wide variety of backgrounds, ages and seemingly little in common with each other aside from the remote village they call home.

IMG_8251We nestled together around 30 guests in our main room, soft jazz music playing in the background.  We served three new variety of coffee beans and asked them each to grade their favorite – the winner would be served at The Lighthouse Cafe this fall.

Sveta did some research on the history of Coffee, she shared descriptive of each variety as the room tasted each one.  She was our Coffee evangelist for the evening.

IMG_8243I was very proud of our team.  They were a fun group to serve with.  We provided our guests with some fancy desserts and waited on them hand and foot.  The atmosphere was relaxed, fun, and everyone left with smiles – and more than a slight buzz of caffeine flowing through their veins at 8pm unfortunately.. sorry!


IMG_8300After the evening was over, Deb and I were talking about the things we enjoyed the most.  I enjoyed the liberty we have to be friends with folks in our town – it felt like a very effective ‘salt and light’ evening without turning into something awkward or unnatural.  We Christians have a knack for blowing up bridges.

I looked around the room last night and I saw people that we’re naturally sharing the gospel with by being legitimate friends.  Jesus was a man of the people, he wasn’t a religious untouchable – in fact, He despised the religious spirit of the day. The ‘outside-in’ motif for knowing God was and still is the antithesis of the Kingdom of God!

Aren’t you glad our ‘sharing’ of our faith is a natural expression?  By sharing ourselves and being real, meaningful bridges are erected.  How valuable those bridges are, how careful we must be to strengthen and protect them!


IMG_8229Last night we saw individuals, sojourners who have opened their own hearts to us over the past year.  Prior to opening the Cafe we had very little interaction with most of our guests.  We all enjoyed loving our neighbor tonight, being witnesses to the joyful nature of His love.

L-R [Alyosha, Sveta, Bronwyn, Kolya, Nazar]

L-R [Alyosha, Sveta, Bronwyn, Kolya, Nazar]

IMG_8281We’re looking forward to the continued opportunities among this little community of Coffee drinkers!  Bright and early this morning I saw one of the invited guests back for a morning Latte – this time with her mom – I was able to sit and meet her for the first time.   Bridges beget bridges.

Here’s a little original quote that encapsulates a new conviction in the area of relational evangelism.  Some of you will know what I’m talking about!

If our goal is to see the grace of God traverse the bridges we’ve made into peoples hearts – our job is to secure & strengthen them, not blow them up!

Bruce & Deb

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  1. mom

    With the world the way it is right now, the pain and suffering we see on the news daily we pray your part of the world can see the love of Christ being shown threw your efforts to unite your town, troubles will come but you will have each other and the Lord to turn to. Keep it up…

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