Last night we hosted a little party / concert for the students of the Awaken workshops.  We had no idea how many would show up because many are doing exams this week and some schools hard to find students around at all.   However, we had a good showing (about 60?) with some friends, a few parents and the YWAM crew.

We were able to feed them, entertain a bit and leave them with some encouraging words about the Love of God – as we blessed them (thank you donors!!) with Awaken t-shirts which they quickly ravaged through and gleefully received.   I’ve already seen a few Awaken shirts around town today, sweet! 🙂

We’re allowing all students that participated access to the 2nd floor in the afternoons this fall.  We’re believing God will change hearts through love – ultimately His love, as we pray for them this summer – join with us would you ?