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Cirque de Ukraine

It’s very rare we go to Kiev anymore.  We avoid it like the plague.  With our new grocery store ‘on this side’ of the monstrous mess, we only have to venture in for medical, government stamps, and airport runs.

With the weather a balmy 75% this weekend, we all piled into the truck (minus Bronwyn who elected a day of silence) and did our best to enjoy a family Saturday in the city.  You now what?  It was a lot of fun!  We village dwellers need to get out more 🙂

Mudboys midflight in our backyard

I had to drop off our sound system for repair, it’s conveniently located by one of the coveted Domino’s Pizza locations.  They’ve been in Kiev for a couple of years now, and the pizza really does taste like the real stuff.  We grabbed 4 large pizzas, spread out a blanket in the nearby park and had a really nice time.  The kids learned that pigeons eat pizza too.

A few months ago, during the many visits to Kiev for baby Abigail, I noticed deep within a forest, what looked like a go-kart track.  The first few times passing bye I thought I was seeing things.  Amusement parks in Ukraine, I don’t think so.  I had determined to find it again, and seek out the truth.

We eventually found the track, but it was impossible to locate the parking lot.  We drove up and down the highway, searching for a way to the promised land.  This is typical Ukraine, no signs.  I still find it hard to believe how many businesses exist here without any form of advertising.. in fact most exist doing the EXACT OPPOSITE, attempting to drive you away through attrition and terrible service.  It’s slowly changing, slowly.

We entered the park area by foot and realized there was more than just a track.  It looked like something out of 1950 USSR.  In fact, the rides did predate Ukraine’s independence.  The roller coaster here pictured was $2 per kid, and ran for at least 5 minutes, the kids loved it and the poor guy running it looked like he could use some company too.

They had a few other rides that we decided might not survive the winter so we passed.   They even had some rental paddle boats for their little pond.. but we have to spread out our fun, maybe next time.

It’s been raining for the past 2 days, and temps have dropped enough to strike a dread in me for the coming winter that looms.  We love the winter, we just find it hard to keep our house warm, it’s a lot of work.  Today our electricity went out for 8hrs, I kept thinking.. I’m glad it’s not February!

This morning Deb, Abbey and I went to visit Babushka Vera.  We brought along our friends Sergei, Tom & Lena and their two kids.  We sang some songs for her, and visited for about an hour.  She’s a sweet lady, reads her enlarged font bible every day, and doesn’t think she has much longer to live.

Her knees are going, causing great pain and she tells that at night she cries in bed from the pain.  We prayed for her, we offered to get more meds or take her to the doctors (several times), but her response is basically, ‘What are they going to tell me, I’m old?”  She has no family around, only a grandson 5hrs north who should be coming soon to take her for the winter.  Her house wouldn’t stay warm enough, I think she fears this might be her last moments in her house she’s lived in for 80 yrs.

We have Cassie here with us for two weeks.  She’s hopped into the kitchen just like a pro and doing dishes!  The kids love her and recognize her special part in our family.  Bronwyn especially loves having her, the ‘older sister’ she never had.

Thanks for checking in.  We have lots going on this fall and look forward to sharing more.  Tomorrow I’m off to the Cafe to see the Phone and Internet physically installed/setup.. the trenches are dug and we’ve finished up the remaining paperwork (there was a lot!).

шаг за шагом – a saying here, when you are working through many projects and challenges.. it means, ‘step by step.’

Bruce & Deb

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  1. Art Bradshaw

    Hey Bruce and Deb and kids…..thanks for the updates and it was good to see you on Skype at Crossroads~~love to hear how you are doing and the latest on the Church and cafe; the go kart picture is ironic because about a month ago we took our kids go-karting for the first time in Beavers Bend, OK…and of course they loved it and Kenny gloated in his victory.

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