I love new!  And I love that God loves new too.    I love that He, without taking away our memories or our past, can take us and make a brand new creation!  And after years of being His, He still is making things new.  He is faithful and constant, and in the midst of His character being unchanging, He is always creating new.  New seasons, new opportunities, new life.  Old thought patterns or habits are being changed for new ones.  New love for Him can grow as we experience His passion for us.

As He desires to draw us to Himself, He gives us another year, another week, another day, another hour, minute, even a new second to remember Him, to fellowship with Him. At the start of last year, I prayed for Him to work on my attitudes.  As I come to the close of this year I’ve seen some progress in different areas and seen other areas revealed that still need quite a bit of work.  It has not been pleasant to see those parts of my heart that don’t look like Him at all.  BUT I have a new beginning – a new year, a new day, a new moment, to surrender to Him and have Him mold me into his likeness.

I think this year I would like to concentrate on and pray about deepening my relationship with my children.  What is a new thing you would like to see God do this year?