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To catch a thief!

Over the past few weeks our garage has become a crime scene.  Earlier this month Broderic and Cheryl both had their scooter stolen in the night.   Then a few nights ago Bronwyn had her bicycle stolen.

Some will say it’s been a long time coming, as we don’t have a garage door and we’re overly trusting with the many kids and folks that wander around.  However, we’ve enjoyed the past 3-4 yrs of relative theft free living.  I don’t know if this is just one particular thief, or pattern of things to come.  I heard from a friend last night that their family car was stolen last week.

In any case.  We need to be more aggressive about putting things away, and I’m considering installing some home security cameras that capture movement and see in the dark.  I have one for the Cafe I’m playing with.  Discouraging to be stolen from – pray their hearts come to a place of conviction and repentance!

PS – No Cafe inspection today.  For 3rd straight day there were more excuses.  Dema and I ended up driving to their offices 30 minutes north – we were ‘just in the neighborhood’ and were told tomorrow ‘could’ work.  We have to get a ton of documents on each and every menu item (specifically for pizza).. now I know why menus here all have stamps on them.



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  1. Justin

    Sounds like you need a saint bernard 😉

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