When the angry mob sets about to impose morality in the name of free speech. The loser= freedom. Religion is often maligned for attempting to legislate a moral standard… I’m wondering how today’s online moral crusaders are any different? When any social group judges & attempts to enforce what is right, and wrong for all, it’s not what is gained, but what is lost that should be our concern. Freedom. Sometimes we need to be offended. Healthy push back instigates personal growth. We need to wrestle with our convictions or they’ll never be fully formed. Without space to dialogue and disagree, we simply adopt what is fed to us, and become the angry, ignorant, and self-righteous mob.

Armed not with positional influence, experience or authority, the angry mob today needs only own a phone+thumb to participate in what they consider to be justice. In reality however, it looks more like the undoing of independent, free thought as more and more public figures become the target of their ire.

I’d rather live in a world that respectfully agrees to disagree. We don’t need to terminate folks when we’re confronted with diverse thought and morality. We need to reason together and as a result, learn together.

How far can we drift form the simple words of Jesus, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” In actuality, this was Christ’s consummate command. To ‘cancel’ someone is to assume a position of authority above our pay grade. Cultures emerge and decay. As Jesus followers, let’s follow in His footsteps – we’ll be cancelled for sure, but we won’t cancel in return.

Great Video! Maybe things haven’t changed that much after all.