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Campus Outreach Approved!

Last week I wrote of a meeting several of us had with a director at one of the local technical colleges. This particularly college has around 350 students that study agriculture, cooking and driving (larger trucks and machinery). The directors met and agreed to allow a room fro 3hrs each week!

This is no small update as we were transparent with our desire to promote Christ, and build relationships with students for the purpose of giving hope in God, elevating Christian ethics and teaching practical skills. Shane and Jemimah will be leading this ministry and we ask you to pray for them as they prepare for the first meetings and the students that God would allow investment into.

May God continue to give us favor in that school, and walk in wisdom with this tremendous opportunity.

We believe the combination of on-campus ministry, and the eventual opening of the Cafe will be a very effective one-two punch for advancing God’s heart in our town, especially among the next generation.

Bruce & Deborah

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