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Camp 120

dsc00408.JPGThis week we visited Rz for two days.  We were able to hitch a ride on Jono’s boat and visit the Christians who were gathered for camp (on an island 20 minutes down the Dnepr).   Here’s a picture of Jono, they call him a Kiwi (from New Zealand), I can’t tell the difference (all a bit odd) but you don’t want to get the Ozzie’s and Kiwi’s mixed up. No life jackets, no rules, just right!  Here’s some pictures from our day, over 100 Christians from a few different areas/churches gathered for fun times, worship and devotions while enjoying God’s magnificent creation.  Thank you to those who donated toward the last day ‘meal’ at the camp, they were blessed and sent home with full tummies! 


The day started rainy but cleared up.  Kids swam, I played 3hrs of beach volleyball.  


The cooking area, each church brought their own food, it was quite a system and the food was great.


Each morning they have acoustic worship and time of devotions.


This one is for my dad, he wanted a farming pic, this is 5 minutes down the road from Rz.

No word on our container since the last word it was in Jamaica.  We have been slowly moving into our house in RZ, it is really looking great.  Kolya’s working on the main floor tile and we are excited to get the gas hook up (no hot water yet) as well as phone (which gives us the DSL internet).  There are many things we can do without but hot water and internet are pretty high on the list!  I swung a deal with the rental car company and getting a larger van for a few days to pick up carpet and some remaining bigger items.  We will be setting up a meeting with the Mayor in Rz in the next week or two, pray we find continued favor. 

We are going to rent the apartment here in Kiev through August 20, so another month in the city.  Russian is coming along nicely, we just need more RAM in our brains.. too bad we can’t upgrade.

God has been assembling a neat cast of gifted Christians in RZ, from all over the world – literally.  Pray for faith, for vision and for wisdom as several of us gather to discuss and determine where to apply efforts.  God be glorified in our lives, bringing attention to His Son!

 The heavens praise your wonders, O LORD,
       your faithfulness too, in the assembly of the holy ones. Psalm 89:5



  1. papa

    Thanks Bruce for taking the time for an update,love that harvest picture,now go talk to them farmers,

  2. papa

    Whats in the big white bottles?What is acoustic worship?

  3. Bruce

    Water in those bottles. Acoustic meaning there is not electricity, just a guitar and signing.. In the US we’d have a generator out back and a full stage. You want to talk to farmers you’ll have to come and visit.

  4. Kellie Cavel

    Thanks for the great updates, Bruce! We love knowing all the little things and thoughts you are going through. I’m praying Colossians 1:9-12 for your family today, especially vs 11, that you would be “strengthened with all power according to His glorious might, for the attaining of all steadfastness and patience”

  5. B0 Bolding

    Hey Bruce, Deb, Broaderick, and Kids,

    Brady and I were just reading your blog. The summer weather sure brightens things up there. Camp looks like it was a success. We are still looking for the day for us to come, but right now waiting on Beth and Brooke’s return from London. Soon …

  6. lorrie

    Looks nice, do you have mountains? That boat looks like our port-a-boat:) Bad Bruce, you should have all been wearing life jackets!! Oooh, blue combines, that’s different. I was surprised to even see big combines there, I keep picturing Fiddler on the Roof images! And you mean “singing” not “signing”…you must be typing fast:)

  7. Bruce

    Reminder to those interested in the kids, broderic and bronwyn each have their own blog – broderics: and bronwyn’s:… and ofcourse there’s deb’s: . Thanks all… and Lorrie for correcting my spelling, you should have seen it before I did spell check!

  8. cassie

    Cool pictures!

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