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Cafe Progress

This photo update is for John Wilson! I finished painting the bathrooms today, and the guys are preparing to install the new glass doors that should arrive soon. It’s really starting to come together. We gathered to pray together this morning at 6:30am, and plan to make this a regular Friday morning time for anyone that wishes to join us.  It would be great to see more Ukrainians coming, although I know it’s hard when they don’t have cars, and have to get to work by 7:30-8:00am.   That would be 11:30pm for you Texans (i think!) Thursday night.

Praying specifically for the returning students, those that have started to take steps for Christ, and those will hear the gospel for the first time potentially this fall. God give us Your heart, and the joy of seeing your Kingdom advance in our little part of the world. We’ve pulled together over $1000 as a church towards some first time student ‘welcome’ packets, which should be handout in the next 2 weeks and tells them about different events we will host.

Great to have the Susidko’s back.  We’re opening our basement/apartment to someone in our church this week, she’s having a hard time finding a place to live.

Deb’s birthday is tomorrow, we are planning a ‘queen day’ as  a family and she has outlined her ‘perfect’ day for us to execute.

Noah is talking up a storm these days. It’s like he went from not talking at all (intelligibly) to full conversations without any warning, it’s very cute.

Bruce & Deb
Rzhyschiv, Ukraine

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