Cafe – Last minute preparation!

We are cleaning and preparing for tomorrow’s final inspection – it will release us, if we pass, to open officially.  We have all other legal permissions!  Please pray for us as it’s a bit strange.  We have to drive to the inspectors town (3 of them), and pick them up and bring them here – they don’t have cars.  Then, after the inspection drop them back off.  I figure if they fail us, we’ll make them walk!  🙂

Also, we have a live webcam for anyone that would like to snoop, and offer any cleaning advice!  I hope to get some more and place around the property for security – you can help us guard the place!

Dema holding our famous gas project documents - they've been to Gondor and back.

Dema holding our famous gas project documents – they’ve been to Gondor and back.

Thankful we are almost there, but it’s not over yet.   In Ukraine you learn not to assume the best – we could get hit with a number of unexpected ‘legal requirements’.  When the inspectors come we also have to cook them ‘something’.  We don’t have gas still so not able to supply pizza, but they said it didn’t matter.. we could ‘cook them some eggs’.  Strange indeed!

Thank you to Bronwyn, Marie and Jememah for helping us clean today.

This week we are also measuring up and purchasing school clothes/shoes for the kids at Kuzmentsi foster/orphanage.   We have heard they are receiving more kids from the war zones of eastern Ukraine.  However I haven’t yet been out to verify, hope to tomorrow.

This was the eye chart I had to read last week - I passed.. was more of a test of my Russian alphabet haha.

This was the eye chart I had to read last week – I passed.. was more of a test of my Russian alphabet haha.

Please continue to keep Alyosha in prayer as he serves in the army.  We know he’d love to be home with his family, and preparing with us to finally open.  People feel that the war with the separatists could be coming to a finish in the next 1-2 weeks – however people are still very nervous.

I’m meeting with Vlad today and hope to film a bit of a testimony that we can translate and share to the many churches and individuals that followed his ordeal.  We have some funds remaining we plan to supply his family and offer opportunity for anyone else to contribute towards a general blessing to help them get back on their feet.

Bruce & Deb

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