This week while in Belarus, my site was hacked. you may be able to tell it now looks a bit different as we had to restore an old version. Thankfully no serious damage, just wasted time. The time and money hackers waste is frustrating.

In order to get things back up and running, we had to restore the site from a backup which unfortunately deleted several past posts.  The site is secure again, but I have deactivated posting comments for the time being as often online forms are the cause of many vulnerabilities.

I just counted the other day, I’ve posted over 600 updates in 10 yrs!  I think in a few years, Lord willing, I’d like to filter down our story into a printed booklet, something for the kids and grandkids.

God has been so good to us.

A few days ago Canada celebrated ‘Canada Day’, today Belarus hosts parades around the City with their Independence Day, and tomorrow America will follow suit.  Seems like July is quite a month for remembering God’s goodness and freedom in various forms.

This Saturday we’re hosting another leadership retreat here in Rzyschiv for our team.  We’re also hosting some YWAM friends from Far East Russia.  After this weekend we’ll begin our official 1 week countdown for our US/Canada trip.

Our Basic Itinerary:

July 18-25 Canada
July 26-August 2 California
August 3-7 Texas
August 13 Pennsylvania

Returning to Ukraine August 21st, we’ll have a big fall coming up.  Here are some of the things on tap for this coming fall:

  • Children’s Interactive Worship Album
  • Widow’s Care Expansion (Conference & Training)
  • LIT Worship Belarus
  • LIT Worship Production (10 original songs!)
  • Continued Kiev partnerships and possibly more staff/interns.