#7 turns 6. Abbey is a sweet, happy-go lucky girl who has been a real treat.

Deb decided to make pancakes for the birthday ‘lunch’ – but she forgot to check for syrup. Ukraine doesn’t make maple syrup, so we have a secret stash. The stash ran out.

No worries. Brown sugar, water, maple flavoring, good to go! Sort of.

Abigail Jane Crowe turned 6 today, and we are thankful for her cheerful rays of sunshine each day. Today it was warmer out, the piles of snow are clearing away.

Went for a little walk at sunset, that’s why this picture was taken, and turned out so well. Nothing like the lighting for photography at sunset.

Pastor Alex and his leadership team from YGS Church in Kiev – a fairly new plant focusing on youth.

This weekend we hosted a team of leaders from YGS Church in Kiev.  We have visited there several times, and through our Steiger friends connected with their pastor Alex.

Several of their youth are friends with our own kids, and now some of our Club 180 youth go to services on the weekend there as well. They, along with other groups are ‘reserving’ the big house (Deb’s parents house) for 2-3 days of prayer and planning.

It seems Kiev folks really enjoy getting out of the city and coming to Rz – it helps that we have an amazing guest house with 20 beds, and it’s free!  Folks have started blessing us with a little money which we use for blessing Dima & Lena who live in the basement floor and do an amazing job caring for the house and prepping for teams.

Collins heads to Belarus tomorrow. Mir (our charity) is sending him to serve with CCX college ministry there on their week of mission. Pray for him and the teams that are taking risk to share the love of Jesus.

Our YFM girls (and Brent) are in Chernigiv (northern Ukraine) this week serving with Hope for Orphans kids camp. It will be really challenging and I believe life changing for them.

Also pray this week for Kiev summer plans and a space we could rent long term for coffee shop and creative space.  I feel God’s going to do it, possibly soon. Wisdom needed as we enter these uncharted waters.

Our Mir Board restructure is 99% complete and we are working on budgets for 2018/19.  It’s a new experience for many of us, but within the board are some very mission and life experienced individuals. God is so kind.  The new board includes a mix of our own Lighthouse/Crowe group and merges with the most active families and individuals from the legacy group (Brunk family and friends).  I’m excited to see how this will work!

I just overheard Abigail ask Deb, “How do babies come out of your belly?”

Grateful for this restful day, and our sweet Abbey.

Bruce & Deb