Bearing wheels unto repentance

Great news!  Bronwyn’s bicycle wheels which were stolen a week ago have been returned.  The culprits haven’t been identified but yesterday I found the wheels along our back fence.  We thank God for working on hearts, and many kids have returned to our yard over the past few days.  The little guys that I suspect are responsible haven’t come back, as I now require verbal permission before playing on the trampoline.  I really didn’t expect to see the wheels again, but it’s a neat testimony for Bronywn to see how the Lord has given back her bike and all the while..

Yes Dave, our pineapples!  Give your possessions to God, He takes great care of His property:)  Still trying to get some confessions for the ATV destruction, mostly to help them address matters of their own conscience.

Yesterday Bronwyn was able to play with some girls her age, and someone from Crossroads had donated a bunch of hair bands.  She tried for a long time to give them each one, allowing them to pick one for themselves.  They are so shy, but after about 15 minutes one of them selected, then the others followed suit.  You could tell they were pretty blessed by the gift, thank you whoever donated them:)

Deb has Dana and Tracy from Texas visiting this week.  This weekend they plan to go to Kiev and stay overnight in an apartment downtown for some girl time on the town.   Deb’s parents are mostly into their new house, except for showers (they still don’t have hot water).  Serge and Lesya have arrived, they are settling in and recovering from a few months of living out of suitcases, they are staying with the Gollans for now – pray for them and property to find long term.

Pray for our leadership, we’re currently having to make some tough decisions and need wisdom for the church.  Also pray for the land downtown, we’ve run into some more snags and also need God to direct us through the morally gray areas.. when everything seems to be corrupt, it’s hard to try and choose the righteous path sometimes.

God help us to be wise and also innocent and above reproach as we pursue your will in this town.

Bruce & Deb

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