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Be Encouraged

Been taking in some classic sermons. If you have 7 minutes, you’ll be encouraged (or convicted, or both!) by this challenge from Leonard Ravenhill.

Today we went to Kiev to take Brent to the American Medical Center to prove to the doctor in charge of permitting him to play sports, that he is fit to be permitted! I know that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but rarely do things here. After no less than 10 trips to the doctors for tests, evaluations, and general insanity, 2 of our kids have been accepted into the school legally as healthy. Brent however wasn’t given the green light, they wanted him to have heart tests for some reason. So he had a full cardiogram, general check up and deemed fit as a horse.. not that this means we’re clear.. we have to go back Friday to show them the results and hope and against hope they’ll be in a good mood and give him a release. Meanwhile the doctor wants to see our oldest two, who aren’t even in public school! She’s taken it upon herself to be our guardian of Ukrainian health – how far down the rabbit hole doth we wander?

Praying and believing God for a route to take with Russian studies. September was a wonderful month of progress and getting ‘back in the saddle’ with Irina coming down from Kiev twice weekly. She can’t come down anymore but has offered a couple SEND language school slots for us in Kiev. The challenge is we have kids in school here that need to be picked up every day, and the logistics of running a family of 7 with Mom and Dad out of pocket in Kiev twice per week would cause a meltdown on the home front. We are extremely desirous of more serious and sustained study, would you pray for a teacher, a situation, a blessing, an open door, anything that would enable us to progress in our studies.. we long to communicate more clearly and freely with those we live with but we need a pretty special situation to present itself for that to happen (and it not take another 4yrs!).

Bruce & Deb

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