Every day kids come to bounce balls and skateboard at Lighthouse Park!

This past week our basketball goal, which was brought over from Texas 11 years ago, finally bit the dust. Here she is reclining, begging us to let her rest in peace. After several repairs, it won’t stand up anymore, much to the dismay of little monkeys who are learning how to dribble and shoot.

Basketball is still in its infancy in Ukraine. Equipment options are slim, but we have found some options in Kiev and would like to raise $500 if possible to put in a permanent goal.

Would you consider helping contributing towards a new basketball goal for Lighthouse park?


The beauty of community inside and outside our property is such a joy to participate in. So cool to see this new sewing ministry take off, at-risk kids being ministered and several other ministries growing in depth like our widows care program. Our cafe is non-profit, in a very literal sense! We truly appreciate any investment you can bless us with to keep things running and a blessing to the families of our town.

Outside still has some work to do. This year we have added, thanks to a family sponsor, some benches and plan to add some garbage cans, shrubs and hopefully some swings.

One of my favorite things to see each day when I come to the Cafe and pull into the parking lot is little toddlers with their parents running around, sliding down the slide, going face first, on their belly on a skateboard. There is still so much more potential in our park area – but without the basketball goal it’s definitely less fun

Step by step! Bounce by bounce.