Arrived safely yesterday.  Kids and baby did wonderfully well on flights.  If only they made personal bassinets for us adults to sleep in!

The weather here feels like early spring, not a spot of snow to be seen. A stark contrast from the Canadian winter wonderland we left, but we’ll take it!

It’s always neat to see the kids reaction to ‘returning home’.  Overall the attitudes have been very positive, particularly among the little ones.  Noah had undressed and dressed into 5 different superhero costumes within the first hour.   We had immediate guests and neighbors visit to help us stay awake just a little longer.

While away we had Shane and Jemimah Paxa taking care of our place and also helping manage the Cafe.   Thankful for folks we can entrust – allowing us to not worry about stuff while away.

Today is Tucker’s 12th birthday.  We will attempt to find the ingredients to make a cake.

This morning Claire decided to say ‘dada’ for about 5 minutes straight.

Praying for a quick adjustment to time change, and for some wisdom in a few areas of ministry/business.  The dollar value/ratio has really taken a beating the past few weeks and months – our Cafe prices must change immediately, and will be felt unfortunately but this is the economy we must move with.

Lord guide us and grant grace needed to follow your leading – and with your heart in ours!

Thank you for all those who’ve prayed for our safety and journey over the past two months.  We so enjoyed connecting with everyone – our family was encouraged, refreshed and energized for what our God wants to do through our lives and in this area of the world.  Our kids saw the Kingdom of God, the varieties of fellowship, communities, worship – they saw God is as work, and filling His people with passion for Him and those around us.  Invaluable!

Connecting again soon with more on the group coming to minister in April, and specific areas to pray with us about!

Bruce & Deb