Stories in the Missional Journey of Bruce & Deborah Crowe

Back to the Future

Bruce with the 5 Boyz

Amazing how we adjust to our environment.  Coming back to the place I grew up after 3yrs, the little things aren’t so little.  The smooth paved roads, stable utilities, take-out food, and smiling policemen!  We are enjoying every minute of it, and thankful to be blessed with loving family and friends.

Smiling Policeman!

89 yrs old, the grandpa!

Been enjoying the brisk fall air, morning walks and watching the kids get spoiled by their grandparents, aunts and uncles.   Haven’t yet ‘unplugged’ for any sort of rest time, working daily with Cypress since arriving, but planning to go and hide with Deb somewhere for a few days next week.   Ukraine seems a million miles away, but our prayers are toward what God is doing there, the student outreach is continuing through October, and we are waiting for the green light any day now to purchase the large white building downtown for the future cafe and ministry center.

Pondering the time Jesus rebuked the storm, additionally the disciples lack of faith for their attitude of fear.  Maybe you feel like the disciples sometimes, I know I do.  I’m struggling to trust God for everything He’s requiring of us lately.  I feel pulled in a million directions, not enough time in the day.  I come to God often in fear, anxiousness, stress, and not in faith.  I’m waking Jesus up in the boat with a frantic face, sometimes even questioning His slumbering attitude toward my situation.  I need more faith, I need to rest, I need to come to Him for help, but in a quiet confidence that He is able to do above and beyond anything I ask.  He knows my frame, He knows my limitations, and will come through for me, and you when we trust in Him.

It’s not easy to trust in God.  If you find it easy to trust Him all of the time, I question if you are trusting Him for much at all!  Exercising faith is like working a muscle I think, the resistance builds the faith, when it’s hard, we are growing.  Anyone can relax on a couch of contentment and say, ‘God is good and my faith is strong’ but throw yourself into situations that are difficult and require supernatural assistance, and watch your faith undergo testing.  That is was I believe God has been calling us to, perhaps you too?

Lord help our unbelief, fill us with a faith that moves mountains, and pleases your heart!

Bruce & Deb


  1. stephanie

    I struggled with this very notion this week. I believe that the Lord allows things in my life for my good if I would go through them with Him. That being said, he might find it “for my good” to put me in places of horror and fear. I’m trying to wrap my brain around how that could be good but I see it everywhere. Then I read scripture and books and it talks about the glory of the Lord coming in those times of true testing and true evil. He’s such a wild, and yet trustworthy God.

  2. stephanie

    PS. I like the family of boys picture!

  3. Trevor

    Part of me fears getting closer to God because I think he will take everything away from me, just to test me like Job. But I think there is another element of God that loves to bless His Children. A big father God that is rooting for his children. So much of my perception of God is based on my upbringing-a God of judgment. But to feel his undeserving love, and yes, even His approval, is amazing. -Trevor

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