There's nothing like Pizza from our hometown in Canada, we even brought some in our suitcase!

This week is a busy one as we take the 6 kids for passport renewals, two Doc visits for Deb in Kiev, and starting back our Wednesday Night bible study on the gospel of John. I’m also still adjusting from a full work load with Cypress in Canada/US, and trying to get back into a healthy and manageable rhythm.

We’ve spent the last two weeks adjusting to the time zone, traveling to Poland for visas, and trying to keep our house warm amid -25C temperatures! This morning was our first Sunday fellowship again, great to see all our friends and church family.

Oscar Schindler' office and desk in Krakow, Poland.

Deborah has now only 8 weeks or less remaining until delivery! She’s attempting to also find a schedule and rhythm with the kids among all her other preparations for #7.

If we could ask for one thing in prayer, it would be that God would help us keep our heads above water, and fill our home. We’ve felt very stressed lately, like carrying more than we can bear. Do you ever feel this way? It has caused us to press into prayer and find rest in Christ, but there is a battle and spiritual component to all of our struggles. We aren’t wrestling with just people and things, God help us to remember this.

We return to a very cold and snowy Ukraine

We are attempting to get our documents in order this week, and then look to order the kitchen equipment for the cafe. We appreciate all that donated toward the remaining items needed, the town is excited and asking everywhere I go “Kogda cafe okreet?” (when will the cafe open!).

We’ll have more updates soon, thanks for checking in.

Bruce & Deborah