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Back in the USSR…

The former, that is.  Daniel and I returned from our Texas/NYC trip this past Tuesday, wonderful to re-unite with Deb and the kids. Here is a view from the Empire State Building. 


Been burning the candle at both ends since returning, Bo arrived on Thursday, we spent yesterday visiting with the mayor/city manager, our friend at the restaurant, and various other property advisors as we prayerfully scout out what is available for possible purchase downtown.  It’s been a slow, and frustrating process, but one that we are entrusting to God.  It seems the most viable purchase will be finding privately owned property downtown as the city owned properties are impossible to deal with, as the City officials sorrowfully admitted.  We believe the City is on our side, and giving us the kind of realistic advice that will move things forward and not waste time.   Basically there are three options, privately owned, city owned and mafia/rich kievans.  Please pray, we have found one piece of land that has a small house on it (not livable), it is very central, across from the bus station and restaurant that we meet at once per month. 

[View of property from street]

[View from behind the house]

The price is around $40k for it, it’s owned by two owners, each legally owning parts of the property (they actually each own half of the house, welcome to ukraine).  Incredibly, this is the least expensive option we’ve found yet, but still seems over priced considering the economic landscape.  Asking the Lord to confirm, and help us with these next steps, it’s for His glory and work.  Been reading George Muller, and been challenged to ask specifically from the Lord, trust, and not look to man.  I love the motivation of that man, he desired above all else to provide a present day witness to the believers and the lost of his day, that God was in fact willing and able to work by simply asking Him, and trusting Him.. not resorting to asking from man, or manipulating of any kind.  We all know his story at Bristol, England and the Orphan Houses that God truly established and maintained.  I’m not George Muller, but I still think God wants to show Himself, and in our town I pray this little Family Center/Cafe brings Him attention and honor, even how it’s purchased, constructed, and eventually managed.

Here are a few pictures, thank you for your prayers, and checking in. 


[Jono (holding book) and the gang at UTSIM, the english language school that they’ve started, they have +30 students now, and have been given an office/classroom in the public school]


[Bob and Dan on Broadway]


[If you are ever in NYC, you have to visit Times Square Church, it’s on Broadway and is a great experience.]

Couple other updates:

  • We’ve registered a business, we even have our own stamp!!!  It’s called Business Development Network, and will, Lord willing, be used to operate the cafe, employ people, and provide business visas for foreigners.
  • We’re going to plant sweet corn, they don’t have it here, we brought some back from Texas, we’re pretty excited.
  • We’re planning to get some chickens in the summer, like live ones. 
  • June trip has been changed to July, the City moved their ‘city festival’ date without telling me about it.. so July it is, and we have 6-10 interested from East Texas.
  • Our basement is almost, almost finished, we have a small kitchen/bath and will be great for guests/groups, like you!
  • If we get this property, we will be organizing construction groups this summer/fall… pray about coming and helping.

Bruce & Deb


  1. Paula

    Chickens? Hahahaha….reminds of Dean and Denise when they had chickens in N.O. and one of his chickens started acting like a rooster. Maybe he can give you some chicken growing tips. 🙂

  2. stephanie

    I can not wait for this building to get up and working. What an awesome thing for the college students. It’s going to explode. Praise God for vision.

  3. lorrie

    Sounds so exciting! I pray that God will continue to give you favour among men (and women:))

  4. bronwyn

    hey daddy, nice picture of Broadway it’s amazing to see such a big city! Think of here in Ukraine then think of Broadway:)
    love ya tons bronie. have a nice trip in Poland.

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