Broderic wore his suit for the first time to a special going-away party for Jon & Ruth.  What a class act!  (everyone else was in shorts!)

Preparing for Ephesians study tonight, chapter 4.  God’s Word has been unbelievably satisfying, particularly appreciating context, staying on course with Paul’s inspired ‘overall’ meaning to the church.   God’s pre-determined plan for you and I to be rescued from our sin, reconciled with God the Father and walking in a new obedience, fueled by grace.  Thank you God for saving us!

We’re committing to new Russian classes in Kiev.  They are weekly lessons with a seasoned professional teacher, and will ensure that Deb and I have a date night again!

Appreciate prayer for our September ‘outreach’ focus.  The church is hosting ‘cafe nights’ every Sunday downtown, in lieu of our morning meetings.  Pray for students to come to this and for the gospel message to penetrate hearts and minds.  We’ll have guest musicians, coffee, testimonies and preaching.


Bruce & Deb