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August 18, 2010

This week we’re repairing the ‘kotyol’ (Heating System) throughout our house, in preparation for winter.   Sasha, and his son Sasha have been re-installing radiators, installing new piping and taps.  If we have another winter like the last one, and our house doesn’t stay warm, I’m going to rip it all out and do 100% electric.


Brent (below) is enjoying the basketball net we brought over from Texas.  It’s been too hot all summer to set it up, but today the clouds rolled in and have provided some relief.   Can you spot the guy on the pole?  Neil is having electricity installed at his house today, always stuff going on around here.


Tomorrow Neil and Sergei are taking the van to a small village north of Kiev, where the local orphans are attending a camp.  The director asked if someone could help pick them up as they didn’t have any transportation back to the orphanage.  You’d think they would think about this before they went to camp, but provides some opportunity for missionaries to build more relationships and be a blessing with the resources we have.

Deb and the kids are in full swing school mode.  She has them reading quite a bit, and all huddled around the kitchen table daily.  Books and notebooks piled around everywhere, just the way my wife likes it.

Ephesians class tonight again, it’s been very rewarding to prepare for each chapter study.  We’re in chapter 3 now, and we’ve had a solid turnout.  I’m already praying about the next book to work through.

Deb and I are considering a Russian class in Kiev to change things up and force us to continue learning.  We’ve taken a break this summer with our classes but weren’t excited about continuing in the same pattern.  The problem is that we are leaving for Canada/Texas and will be gone the entire month of October.  The school is considering this and will rule on whether they will ‘take us’ or not later this week.  Last night during our men’s meeting I was very frustrated as the guys were enjoying some theological conversations, with many questions and I didn’t have any translation.  I understood probably 20% of the conversation as it was flying around the room.  It was a good frustration though, the kind that motivates to keep pressing toward greater fluency.

Items to Pray For Please:

– Russian language direction and motivation to keep pushing!
– Visa Registration issues, we all (many of the foreigners) need some better solutions and good counsel.
– Property Downtown, God to help things keep progressing, and for finances to do it.
– Deb’s health, she’s had some sores in her mouth that have caused a lot of swelling this week, very painful too.
– September meetings downtown, for God to draw people to hear the gospel and respond.

Thanks for checking in,

Bruce & Deb


  1. Autumn Miller

    Hey Bruce – Just checking in. CJ & I are settled into Port Alsworth, AK now. We work with a guy named Slava from zhtomur, Ukraine so I was showing him your website.
    Hope you & the family are well.

  2. mom

    putting in electricity?? they have been living without it?? Pleased to hear your working on the primitive heat system it gets a little chilly when it stops working all the time. Time to look at tickets to come over this winter-brrrrr! Will pray for Deb, one of the mom’s from church has poison ivy in her mouth, very painful and is on med’s for it. Love you …mom

  3. Tracy and Kenny

    Kenny wants to play Brent in basketball to see who’s better… Is Brent up to the challenge? Cause Kenny thinks he’s quite good. 😉 Brent’s gonna have to show us what he’s made of! It will be the game of the century! Tell Brent that Kenny can’t wait to hang out with him.

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