Some of the 20-30 kids that meet from difficult situations every Monday at Lighthouse

For the past month, every Monday a group of 20-30 gather at Lighthouse Cafe. This ‘space’ and ministry vision came from Lena and Natasha as we spent some time praying what might God lead us individually to do. Sometimes we find ourselves doing the same things, the same way and get caught ‘not’ listening to what the Spirit might nudge us towards, and we want to be moving alongside Holy Spirit right?!

A team slowly assembled and each week the kids are being blessed with love, stories from the Bible, songs, food and games. What makes this group a little extra special is that these aren’t kids from churches, and not even traditional families. These are kids from either extreme poverty situations, or substance abuse scenarios – Many of the kids have suffered from various forms of abuse.

Some beautiful hearts serving right there!

To grow in understanding how to reach and love these children, Mir sponsored the team to go to Kiev for some Christian counseling courses over two weekends. The team REALLY loved learning and came back so enthused, their hearts beating even more for these kids. They’ve even started visiting the homes, and praying with some of the families and found hearts open – but the need is so great, and the spiritual battle intense in many cases.

Please pray for the children each Monday! It was a joy to see them running around outside today before it started. Also, some of our Club 180 youth have come to serve, along with some other believers from area church and youth group. It’s beautiful to see Ukranians leading the vision, and administration of it all. Thank you Jesus we get to come alongside and support emerging church doing God’s heart.

Any collective of believers set free from the disorder of this present age, who offer themselves in service of the mission of their God to alert people to the new unfolding order of things, can rightly be called a missional church. – Frost