So we’re re-packing, adjusting to time-zone, and getting ready to begin the first leg of our family tour.  The kids are absolutely loving Nana’s house with the large backyard wonderland and perfect weather!

We still haven’t seen Broderic, he’s 3hrs north in Ottawa and set to graduate from his course at Augustine College tomorrow.   We can’t wait to re-unite our family, first time in 16 months.

Tucker designed the #YFMGO logo 🙂

We are launching officially our new MIR website on Monday, May 1st, as well as kicking off our social media campaign for the new YFM – Year for Missions course in Minsk.   Youth can get a sneak peak at!

We have rubber bracelets, stickers, t-shirts to give away during our trip to prospective youth along the way – in an effort to raise awareness of what God is doing in our world, and the new opportunities for youth to be trained for missional living in a very unique setting overseas (in Minsk, Belarus).

We have lots of stickers, just ask for some!

I’m really excited about how we’re approaching this new program.  It’s designed by missionaries, for the type of culturally relevant ministries that are hungry to receive laborers, even crying out to God for them.

The course will not be for the faint of heart, or western individual thinking it will be a cool Jesus adventure.  It will strike to the heart of the Gospel, it’s simplicity, and brutal transparency.  We want to raise up a generation that is gripped by the grace of God, compelled intellectually and emotionally to care because they dwell in the love of God themselves.

We’re excited to announce that in Texas, Collins ODwyer will be flying in to lead us in worship.  Will be cool to see Collins again and believe God will use him in our times with our sending church and MIR legacy supporters and friends.   Several Dallas, Austin and San Antonio friends are planning to make the trek to Longview as well.  Cool!

We are currently looking at options for Yan, the worship leader in Minsk at the church/school to fly to Harrisburg and join us for the weekend there.  I have felt the Lord push me on this, to make the steps for it, that He wants to connect hearts and expand the Kingdom through some connections there at Life Center and through worship.  Yan is in studio the past two weeks as we have (MIR) sponsored the production of his first worship album in Russian – we are entirely excited, I know the Lord is going to greatly use this tool.

Thanks for checking in – We just heard that 20 Steiger youth leaders are headed to our place in Rz tomorrow for a 2 day retreat.  May God refresh and encourage them and our Lighthouse team continue to serve without us well!

Bruce & Deb