I read a few quotes today that provoked some new thoughts. Thought someone out there might enjoy them as well:)

Everyone is busy, to varying degrees even stressed under the burdens of this life. If we’re not battling some external issues in our life, we’re continually challenged by desire for more spiritual growth and the unwillingness of our flesh.

Enter this thought. When we ‘play’, we are engaged in something divine and even designed from the character of God. I’ve been so focused on work lately, on ‘production’ that I’ve been neglecting the joys of play. Obviously the one who plays too much runs the risk of being neglectful of God given duties, but I wonder if we also risk missing God’s design when we don’t take time to enjoy what is all around us, especially those we love the most in the context of playing.

Consider these quotes –

“God plays. God creates playing. And man should play if he is to live as humanly as possible and to know reality, since it is created by God’s playfulness.” Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica

“When I play a game well, I have for that limited period of time an experience of the body’s resurrection. For there is no hint of a dualism between mind and body with either of them trying to oppress or bully the other. I bring to the game my total undivided self.”H.A.Williams, True Resurrection

“Play is one of our highest callings as Christians. So much else in our lives is properly taken in doing things – things we do to change things, things we do in order that something else may happen. But in play we are not seeking to change anything, nor are we seeking something beyond. We are simply being at home in the world and at peace with God.” Paul Marshall, Heaven Is Not My Home