April 20, 2009




Time for another bullet list of ‘what’s happening’ in our world:

– Trampoline full of kids daily, and not just ours! 
– July 2-9 are the dates for the Texan group coming over, I’m getting ready to present info to the City on this special week.
– Deb is feeling better, thank you for praying!
– The city has asked us to participate and help host the annual “Family Day” in May.  Pray for that please.
– While we received 3yr business visas, we now need to get registered.. thought we had 180 days, but the bank said we need it now to receive money… so rushing to get this done this week.   After that, then Ukrainian plates for the truck…
– Home Groups are going well, next Wed we meet at Jacobs for worship/coffee and hope to invite some people (needs to grow!).
– No land yet for the Family Center.  We have inquired on a few places, waiting and praying.  God’s timing is perfect.. if we’ll give ourselves to prayer… pray with us please.
– Cypress/Work is going well, we had a rough start to the year, but so did Google!  Thankful for work as we hear stories and family that is having a hard time. 
– This summer we have July group, Cassie leaves mid July, Deb’s parents in August, my parents (and aunt/uncle/cousin) coming Sept.
– Thinking about starting a monthly or quarterly business luncheon.  Maybe kick this off with our July group.  Maybe include some other towns.
– Preliminary investigation of orphanages in region.  We have contact with director, want to figure out more about how they are funded, the needs, and praying about digging into adoption procedures for the future (maybe for us, but probably more as a ministry).
– Enjoying the WONDERFUL long summer days (after short dark winter) and weather.  We’re very thankful.
– Kids are healthy, growing like weeds.  Noah is slow to speak but I think very gifted, he loves music, plays the keyboard and sings (and shouts), and can really play soccer quite well.  He can even catch a ball when i throw it, without any practice.  
– Russian lessons are coming along.. trying to be consistent with it.  Svetlana is a great teacher.
– Ministerial group should be meeting again this week.. hoping to share a meal together.. with our wives.
– Planted 10 rows of corn, 1/2 debs organic and the other treated (my) corn.  They don’t grow sweet corn here, so we’re hoping it grows.  Maybe we’ll send Deb down to the market to sell it with the babushka’s.



Thanks for your support, encouraging words and prayer.  We miss you all!

Bruce, Deb and Kids.

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