The gigantic industrial dough mixer!

The kitchen equipment has arrived!  What a week, first a new little baby girl, and then the much anticipated materials needed to finish out the kitchen area for the new Light House Cafe.

We received:

– Stainless steel counter tops
– Pizza Oven
– Dough Mixer
– Shelving
– Vent

We’re still waiting on a couple items that were sent back, including the stove top range that they tried to give us in used condition from Turkey:) Thanks to Tom who has been very helpful in communicating with the vendor, and helping us work through a tedious process.

The big question on everyone’s mind is ‘When will it open?!”

The short answer is in the next 2 months, however officially we won’t be able to operate/sell anything to the public for a while longer as property and utility ‘projects’ are processing and out of our hands.

Our next few steps include:

– Tables and Chairs.  We are still looking for affordable solutions.

– Selecting a coffee provider.  Most small cafes in Ukraine are supplied the actual Coffee Machine buy the Coffee provider pending an agreement to use their beans.  We have a few contacts and options we’ll be investigating more in the coming weeks.

– Selecting a supplier for snacks, cold drinks, and potentially ingredients.

– Signage inside, menu options, pricing, and a series of taste tests!  Shane is going to be our initial cook and help us establish our base offering of pizza and coffee.  Pray for him, there will be a lot of opinions between all the foreigners represented here.. we all have our own ideas of what good pizza tastes like!

Alyosha and Tom helping unload the good!

Financially we are once again spent, but we are so close!  Thanks to all that are following and have already given, it’s really cool to see things come together. I believe in this effort, God is with us and we will together become a stronger light in this community, not just via the main business on the first floor, but what we will be able to do on the 2nd floor as well moving forward.

Bruce & Deb