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Another Countdown

We are moving from the apartment in Kiev to our house in RZ in two weeks (Aug 20)! Still a lot to finish on the house, but we’re thankful for a functional kitchen and bathrooms. No word on our container but it would be simply wonderful if that thing decided to show up soon, maybe around the same time we move in?? We have temporary mattresses on our uncarpeted flooring, and a bag full of plastic cups/knives/spoons in the kitchen that will hopefully last until our real stuff gets here.


We just visited the house and stayed over one night, here’s some pics. Noah taking a bath in FREEZING cold water, he didn’t seem to mind though which begs the question, ‘who is the real baby?’ with this hot water issue anyway?


We bought some plastic chairs. We had our first ‘dinner’ in the dining room, we’ll be thrilled when our table gets here and we can sit around ‘our’ table.


We finally have protective railing up on the second floor and stairs. Our kids would race around there previously and we knew it was a matter of time before one took a spill overboard.


Deb and Noah in the kitchen,, we’re awaiting a final piece of counter top, we had to custom order it a month ago.. us rebellious americans not ‘going with the flow’… we were told not to order special sizes but we want to utilize that area for extra seating and their stuff here is so small and narrow, made for tiny apartments not regular houses.

dsc00531.JPG dsc00540.JPG

A urinal! I won’t write what they call it here.. not very nice. Needless to say we are the only ones in Rz with one of this I think, but also the only ones with 6 kids I bet too. Now boys, aim small, miss them all. Here’s Noah and I, he’s a mess of a kid but we love him anyway.

We picked up Cassie a couple days ago, she’s already been such blessing. She’s cooked us some great food giving Deb a much needed break, and allowed Deb and I run errands and buy some final stuff for the house. This car I had rented was upgraded (for no charge!) to a van for a few days, so I’ve been making trips to RZ with larger suitcases and some materials for the guys. It’s a mercedes van, and I’m not letting go! It has AC.. oh you have no idea how nice it is to drive something big and comfy.

The Lord has blessed us with so many little things, from this van, to Alex my lawyer friend who has truly become a friend and is helping us finalize several legal items that would have been an impossibility on our own. He’s truly gone ‘out of his way’ for us. Alex and I just returned from Rz this morning, he wanted to come along and see our house, we stopped by a piece of property on the way back to Kiev that he is looking to buy for a summer house, it was interesting to be in another smaller village much like RZ and feel the heartbeat of God for those people.. I don’t know much about the town but I bet there is next to nothing in terms of the gospel represented. I told Alex if he builds a house he’ll need to invite us over to hold meetings in his house, to invite neighbors… he said that would be great. I’m still not sure where Alex is at with the Lord but we’ve found many common interests and I’m eager to know him more. They are coming over for dinner Thursday evening, he and his wife and possibly his little daughter. I wonder what Cassie will cook ha!

Who knows the mind of the Lord in these things, but I believe God is orchestrating in ways I can’t imagine, so I try and step back and trust. Friday we ‘may’ meet with the Mayor. Thank you for prayers, comments, emails, anything you send is appreciated as we miss you all. We couldn’t take such big steps without your friendship – Oh I’m back on facebook if anyone is out there.. Deb and I are in a competition to reconnect with as many folks as possible.

“The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps. ” Prov 16:9



  1. mom

    thanks for all the little details, i find every word interesting. love the “bathroom” its so cute! with 5 boys its the only way. we’re excited for what God has planned for you, it sounds like He is at work daily bring opportunities to step out. I’ll be praying fornalex and what God has in store for his life, miss you!

  2. Lorrie

    Bruce your house looks so nice! I love the green colour:)

  3. Art

    Bruce—It’s good to see the improvements on the house…though I’m sure it seems like a snail’s pace to you there. Interesting green color (will give that “tropics” feel in the dead of winter). Good to hear you are all doing well and we miss you all here.

  4. papa

    Good to see Arts comments.I was thinking there should be another set of rails,between the ones there now on the railing.

  5. papa

    Oh I forgot,you need a haircut.What will you do,or Does Deb cut all the boys hair?

  6. lorrie

    Dad – we noticed that railing thing too, but assumed that they’re just not finished yet since the ones upstairs are done close together:)

  7. Janet

    “Who knows the mind of the Lord in these things, but I believe God is orchestrating in ways I can’t imagine, so I try and step back and trust.”

    What a timely word for me today. Thank you, Bruce, for writing your heart…don’t stop!!!

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