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All Church Gathering


This past Sunday marked our second “All Church” event in RZ.  Above you’ll see the makeshift music team we put together, led by Jon/myself, and 4 singers from the different churches.   We led a few songs that I knew, a few others that are uniquely Ukrainian, it was very cool.  There were 120 in attendance, I think there are still some reservations among some church goers to come together as one body, probably another 30 or so out there in the town that could have joined us.  I think the emphasis for this summer will be more evangelistic, pray for our meetings as we’re right smack in the center of town, and Sunday mornings the market is jammed packed, we should probably put our sound system outside:).

I’m finishing up a printed newsletter this week, so hopefully that will be coming to you soon.   Deb is preparing to speak this coming Saturday at a ladies meeting, she’d appreciate your prayer for that.  First time I think she’s been the main speaker at something here, she’ll do great.  Saturday is our paintball event, the weather is calling for severe thunderstorms.  Tonight we are hosting both HomeGroups and hopefully a few from our Wednesday night outreach.  We’re going to watch Magdalene the new Jesus story video which is translated into Russian, then talk about faith.

This past week it’s been stressful at Cypress, our servers were attacked by a virus.  It sucessfully hit a few of our websites, and infected a handful of our own work PC’s.  It’s a sobering reminder how frail business can be, and how wicked our world is.  Been hearing of some of our friends and family that are really struggling, work is slow, or lost their jobs.  Our thoughts are toward you, and I hope we learn to press into God in tough times. 

Anyway, better run.  Thanks for checking in and hello from the Crowes.

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  1. nana

    Thanks for taking the time to share a bit. We will hold Deb up in prayer for this Saturday, I will mention it at our Ladies Bible study tonight as well. Great about the gathering you had, I’m amazed you had that many, I’m sure the ones there appreciated the effort and we’re blessed by it, keep up the GOOD work. Love and miss you- mom

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