Ministry Vision


In 1995, God placed a burden in our hearts for the former Soviet Union.  In 2008 our family moved to Ukraine.  In 2014 we launched the Lighthouse Cafe and continue to evolve by God’s grace offering a place of inclusive community and regional outreach.

Our Vision

  • To see a generation awakened to the reality of our Creator.
  • To elevate the Character of God in the person of Jesus.
  • To aid in the spiritual formation of emerging slavic believers.
  • To inspire pioneering efforts in all cultural spaces.

Biblical Values

  • God is both Holy and Relational. He has not only created mankind for relationship, but  come to us in Jesus Christ to break down the barriers of fellowship.
  • The Cross is the central message of the Gospel.  In it, are both the bad (our sin) and good (offered forgiveness) elements that are crucial to enjoying Jesus.
  • The Word of God ultimately points to the incarnate Son.  He is the Logos of God, the Manna from heaven.  Jesus brings ultimate authority to the inspired written Word.
  • Grace is the means by which we enter and remain in Christ.  Union with Christ takes place by faith alone, not through emulation or any human work.
  • Repentance is a lifestyle.  We are continually, day by day, choosing to reflect on the mercy of Jesus, His great love, and walking in new life.
  • Family is God’s design and reflects His nature to the world.  Both the natural family and the spiritual family (church) are objects of His love and concern.
  • Spiritual Gifts are given to all believers in varying measures for the building up of others.  Those that seek self-fulfillment through the gifts are missing something greater.
  • Judgment is reserved for God the Father.  Even Jesus didn’t come to judge the hearts of men.  Anyone who hasn’t yet believed in Christ for salvation is already under judgement.
  • Love is our ultimate calling.  We love because He first loved us and came down.  We are most like God when we love our neighbor.
  • Church is the redeemed family of God.  It is not a structure made by men. God intends all believers to be nurtured into maturity through the communion of saints.
  • Mission is the call to every believer, not a select few.  The Gospel is the heart of God to all nations and through the power of the Holy Spirit we can all make disciples.
  • Eternity is the design of mankind.  We are eternally made in God’s image, and will continue living thru this natural life.  Eternal life is only found in Jesus.

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