We’re enjoying our latest, and final edition to the Crowe family, Abigail.  Several Ukrainians have confirmed that we should stop because 7 is a perfect number.

Deb and baby are doing well.  We also have my parents visiting this week, it’s been great to enjoy the thrill of new life one more time, all the more special with family here.

Please pray with us for our legal documents to continue progressing this month.  We have many document needs, from personal to the Cafe property.  Now with Abigail, we have more documents.  It would make your head spin if you saw the amount of paperwork we have to keep updated regularly to stay here and function with what God has put before us.  It tests my endurance for sure and keeps me on my knees:)

We’ll be meeting this Saturday morning for a men’s breakfast at the Cafe.  We’ve started meeting once per month, everyone brings something, informal, but I believe an essential part of building one another up in our faith.  We’ve had several young men from the colleges come, and I believe these could become something very powerful in their lives as they search for purpose and answers.

This past Saturday evening the ladies hosted an outreach and had over 60 women show up!  I think it’s the most the Gollan’s house has ever hosted, they were seriously crammed in on their 3rd floor.  Olya from Khargalyk shared and there were games and poems.  Our helper Lena (helps Deb cook/clean) came and then also came the following morning to church.  Pray for her with us that God would continue to touch her heart with the love of Christ.

Thanks for checking in, I pray you are encouraged in the Lord, don’t give up, your Father hasn’t given up on us!

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.  – Gal 6:9

Bruce & Deb Crowe