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A Poem by Broderic

Our eldest son Broderic wrote a poem today, and sent it to me by email.  I thought I would share it.  It’s amazing to watch a young man develop, grasp the realities of this world and by God’s grace turn to Him.  He’s not a writer, those of you that know Broderic would expect poems only from his sister:).

‘I live in a world of darkness, all the hope is shattered.
All the people lost will to live, so all of them have scattered.
I was walking in fields one day looking among the lost world, everybody did no good.
Robbing and killing was their doing, there was always a new evil brewing.
As I fell asleep on the steel streets a dream occurred in my sleep,
A shining being told me about a great king, told me to do no evil.
Right after that he spread his wings and with a mighty stroke of his arm destroyed
the world of evil and welcomed me to a new world with light and song and happiness.
I awoke with a start, and thought about my future and what I had in store,
then I turned my head to the heavens and said my trouble’s are no more.’ 

– broderic crowe

I’m hoping the shining being was Christ, otherwise we have some theological work to do:)


  1. Merryl Squair

    Well done young man, I am soo proud of you !! 🙂

  2. Ruth

    Awesome stuff!!

  3. Papa

    Hey , thats really quite inspiring.
    Sounds alittle like some video game,
    Love Papa Bruce will delete this .

  4. Papa

    Hey Bruce,
    I met a really nice Cristian man from Kilgore, yesterday.
    Needless to say,I updated him on your adventure.
    Small world.
    Love Dad

  5. Matt Mason

    Nicely done. I love imagining how long Broderick would’ve had to meditate on some very important things to come up with this. Excellent. Love to our dear friends the Crowe’s!

  6. tanya susidko

    not a writer? sounds like he is to me.

  7. Chris Bennett

    Wow. How old is Broderick?

  8. Brady

    Nice work on the poem, Brods. I was laughin a bit at the beginning, but not bad!

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