A Poem by Broderic

Our eldest son Broderic wrote a poem today, and sent it to me by email.  I thought I would share it.  It’s amazing to watch a young man develop, grasp the realities of this world and by God’s grace turn to Him.  He’s not a writer, those of you that know Broderic would expect poems only from his sister:).

‘I live in a world of darkness, all the hope is shattered.
All the people lost will to live, so all of them have scattered.
I was walking in fields one day looking among the lost world, everybody did no good.
Robbing and killing was their doing, there was always a new evil brewing.
As I fell asleep on the steel streets a dream occurred in my sleep,
A shining being told me about a great king, told me to do no evil.
Right after that he spread his wings and with a mighty stroke of his arm destroyed
the world of evil and welcomed me to a new world with light and song and happiness.
I awoke with a start, and thought about my future and what I had in store,
then I turned my head to the heavens and said my trouble’s are no more.’ 

– broderic crowe

I’m hoping the shining being was Christ, otherwise we have some theological work to do:)

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