We made it back into Ukraine, or I should say, out of Canada finally! That’s not what I meant to say though.

We did it =  Our $2,500 pledge was matched AND exceeded by an additional $2,500!  This has allowed us to continue finishing our basement level foundation before winter. The race is on!  Thank you so much for your generosity.

I’ve included a timeline of photos below so you can see our progress. To date, we’ve raised $21,000 towards our $50,000 goal. I am VERY enthused about this new missions building. I normally don’t enjoy building projects, especially in Ukraine as they can take so many unexpected turns & delays, but we feel the pleasure of God in the construction of this expanded missional space.

Lord willing, it will serve as:

  1. Widows Pantry
  2. Youth Mentoring Courses
  3. RazomGo Innovation Workspace
  4. Prayer & Meditation Room
  5. Small Reception Hall
Widows Volunteer Weekend!

Volunteer Weekend! This past weekend, our leaders from 6 regions around Ukraine came to our guest house for a refreshing time of rest, mentoring and prayer. We had one couple from the Eastern war-zone region of Donetsk. The Lord is building His church in Ukraine and Belarus. These are brand new forms of unity for many of the volunteers who aren’t often encouraged to serve outside their church.

Our theme was Jesus Our Shepherd and we considered the ways in which Jesus is currently shepherding our hearts individually and areas we need Him to!  We’ve received many neat testimonies and are now planning to creatively host something similar within Belarus – please pray for this!

Wow, quality of some of these screenshots are terrible (from our recent newsletter this week). But I don’t have time to make pretty – and I think most of you already get our email so this is just for posterity 🙂 I really wish I could find the time to step back and write on some of the things the Lord is teaching me, and working in me. I spent all extra time reading and writing in my Fuller class, and next year Lord willing I will be able to post some of that, and maybe translate too. Thankful for this season of formation, learning, and new ways of being, relating to folks and this world God has made.

Peace – Bruce & Deb