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Come to the Father!

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

1 John 1:9

What a promise!  We confess, He forgives.  I like the last part too.  “All” unrighteousness.  That’s incredible news isn’t it?

Abbey came to me earlier this week completely dirty from playing with her brothers.  Her face was a disaster – tears mixed with sweat and dirt = picture.


My heart swelled with love for this amazing and playful little creature.  She loves life.  She often finds herself in over her head though, playing with her big brothers.  She came for some comfort, but I wanted to do more than just pat her curly head.

I wanted to clean her up.  She had no idea how dirty she actually looked.  I saw perfectly her smudgy state. To the sink we went!  Within minutes my sparky 3yr old was good as new.

I know this isn’t a perfect analogy, but few are.  Our Father swells with love for you and I.  If we come to Him, He will not reject us – no matter how filthy we’ve become.

If we love our filth, our refuse to acknowledge our need for soap, God won’t force it upon us.  He gives grace to the humble.  Humility is simply, “Embracing an accurate view of reality.”  We are all sinners, fallen and broken.  Stop believing that reality, humility evaporates.

You see, He’s not impressed with our ability to stay clean – particularly if that keeps us from seeing our need for Him.  His goal on the cross was to reconcile us back to God, to bring us close into meaningful relationship through Jesus our righteousness.

Do you come to Him?  Do allow the Father to pick you up, cleanse your heart and fill you with His Spirit regularly?  Too often our picture of God is inaccurate – He wants us to see him as the Father – inviting all of us to come like children.

Come to the Father today!  Bring all your sins and stay.  Stay until you feel the warmth of sins forgiven.  Go into this world filled not with shame, but assurance that your Father swells with love for you.

Excited about some things God is working in and around us.   Several changes are being made at the Cafe, and some very difficult but we sense God’s spirit at work.

I pray you are you encouraged today and believe Him to exceedingly above all you are currently asking or thinking – He is for us!

Bruce & Deb


  1. Merryl Squair

    When I saw that picture of little Abby, I just wanted to pick her up and hold her close, dirty hands and all ~ that little face looked so sad it made my heart long to hug her close and tell that all will be alright. Please give her an extra hug just from me, thanks Bruce and Debs.
    My love to you all and may our wonderful Father continue to bless your family.

  2. keijo leppioja

    Yes for alot visions by the word to meditate and be child of God in his way and life with heaven to enter in and be our treasure in grace and God wil take care of us daily by the HOly Spirit in Jesus name thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

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